Getting invested


Whether or not they've been a member of Scouting before, new recruits to K2 ESU will be invested usually a few weeks after they join.


Being invested means that the new Explorer Scout will take part in an informal ceremony at which they make their Scout Promise.


The Promise is very important as it is the only thing that separates people who aren't Scouts from those that are. Anyone who makes the Promise in front of a Leader is a Scout. Doesn't matter about the uniform, about the activities, or about saluting or shaking hands the wrong way round, it's making the Promise that makes someone a Scout.


The Scout Promise

On my honour,

I promise that I will do my best

To do my duty to God and to The Queen,

To help other people

And to keep the Scout Law

It may look a bit stuffy, but it basically just means that Scouts say that they'll try their hardest (nobody's perfect!) to do right rather than wrong, to be loyal to their country, abide by it's laws and to help people out. The Scout Law is just a simple set of principles. The Promise is taken by all Scouts across the World, with slight changes in wording to reflect different faiths etc. A Leader will talk to new members about the Promise before they take it.




At K2 we try and do the investitures in a way that the new Explorer Scout will remember it. Either in an unusual place, or in an unusual way. The idea is that they'll remember it. Previous investitures have been in a cave, by torchlight on a hill and in the middle of a hospital!


This is how our members got invested...



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On an aqueduct

Dan got invested halfway across Chirk Aqueduct

At the top of a church tower

Amy, Ben, Eddie, Ellen, George, George, Hannah, James, Joe, Rebecca, Rhys, Simon, Struan and Tom got invested on the top of St Giles church in the centre of Wrexham


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